Different Penalties for Underage Savannah DUI

Question: What are the penalties for an underage DUI conviction in Georgia?

Answer: If you are arrested for DUI and convicted and you’re underage, then there are absolutely stricter penalties. Any judge in the area, and probably any judge in the state, is probably going to impose at least 48 to 72 hour jail time in there. Basically because the judge feels like it’s their duty to take a minor who they feel has made a poor choice and make an example. The risks are just so great when you’re underage. Most of my clients that I’ve had that have been charged with DUI had a lot on the line. These are good students, these are people that have worked for their whole teenage lives and have college scholarships and internships working for them. DUI, especially with any kind of jail time, will absolutely derail that. And I have numerous clients that have come in with underage DUI that we’ve been able to get dismissed, either at preliminary hearing or a few that we’ve taken to bench trial and actually gotten dismissed as well.

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