Different Types of Theft in Savannah

Question: What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Theft In Savannah?

Answer: There are different scenarios and different kinds of theft. Theft is a generic term that, in Georgia, has many different ways that you commit it. What most people think of is theft by taking. This is simply, I’m going and taking this that belongs to you so that you can’t use it—that’s theft by taking. But, there’s also things like, say, theft by receiving, which is where someone else is handing it to you and you then take it and deprive them of using it. Or even if someone else has taken something of someone else’s and you know that it was stolen and then you take it, essentially you are continuing their theft. So, you can get involved in a mess by taking something that you know is stolen from somebody else. There’s all different kinds of theft; there’s not just your going and actually taking something. Certainly if you receive anything that can be theft, shoplifting, all that’s involved.

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