Driving Record Points after Georgia DUI Conviction

Question: How many points will go on my driving record after a DUI conviction in Georgia?

Answer: It actually depends on what number of DUI it is. Most of the time you’re looking at at least two points, it’s usually three points. But it could be, even a reckless driving, now even if you get that bumped down that could carry at least four points. And these points, that translates into money. That not only jeopardizes your license, it also is going to raise your insurance. Those points are just devastating. And that’s one reason why a DUI is so painful; it’s one of the costs that people don’t realize. And also another reason that I don’t necessarily try to like to work out pleas unless we absolutely have to. Because a reckless driving charge is going to leave points on your license, it’s going to increase your insurance premium. So if there’s any way we can beat it, let’s beat it.

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