Joey Turner Set Apart DUI Attorneys in Georgia

Question: What sets Joey Turner apart from other DUI attorneys in Georgia?

Answer: Most DUI attorneys get a client in and the first thing they think is, “How can we plea this case? How can we get this to a reckless or less and plea this case?” And that’s not what I do. I certainly do work out pleas if we need to, but I, from day one, look to beat the case. I want to beat all the charges and get the not guilty and get everything off your record. I’m different from most attorneys. I handle everything myself, I do things that other attorneys do not do. I believe it’s vital to get started from day one and that we can learn a lot from going and having a casual conversation with a police officer when he’s not in court. When he’s in court, he’s going to say what he’s been prepared to say. But when I go show up at the stations, as I routinely do with DUIs, and approach them in an investigative sort of way, they will tell me exactly all sorts of things. They’ll tell me things they wouldn’t normally say in court and things that I can hold against them later. That’s something that I do that other attorneys do not take the time to do. And other attorneys, you may not see them except in court. You may call over and over and over again, they may let someone else in their office speak to you. I don’t do that. I handle everything myself. And when I say that I’m going to do something like go talk to the police officer, go get the records, it’s going to be me doing it. It’s important to me that I do that for my clients, and that’s what makes me different. I do everything like that myself and I do it to beat it from day one. Whatever it takes to beat it, that’s what I’m going to do.

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