Not Read Miranda Warning in Savannah

Question: What happens if I am not read my Miranda Rights in Georgia?

Answer: I have had several cases where, and one recently that comes to mind, where the officers detained my client, investigated him for DUI, did not read him implied consent and basically forced him to do everything and didn’t tell him the repercussions for refusing anything. And he, not understanding his rights, and certainly not being Mirandized, fully cooperated. And what I did with that case was as soon as it was filed and came up, we immediately filed a motion to suppress all of their evidence, brought that issue up at the preliminary hearing and got his case dismissed based on him not knowing what his rights were. Officers are supposed to carry around a card with the implied consent warnings on them and they’re supposed to routinely read you those, but they don’t. They forget, sometimes they’re just in too much of a hurry to arrest someone they don’t have time for things like reading you your rights. So that’s one instance where we got that absolutely dismissed because of that, and there are certainly other cases.

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