Roadside Breath Test Used in Savannah Court

Question: Is the roadside breath test results used in Georgia courts?

Answer: The roadside breath test is only used by the officer to see if you have any alcohol in your system. And it does give a number, but they cannot use that in court. However, what it does is it basically says to the office, it gives him a number that says, “I have been drinking. And here’s a number, here’s proof.” Here is a number, if they get anything other than triple zero from that breath test, then they know that they have someone with alcohol in their system. And then they know that it’s up to them to prove that you’re DUI. And that’s when these subjective field sobriety tests—which, as I say, I’ve never seen anyone pass them—that’s when they come into play. So the actual number is not actually used. The presence of alcohol is what usually leads to the start of the investigation.

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