Savannah Criminal Case Fee Structure

Question: What Is Your Fee Structure In Savannah?

Answer: What we typically do is, we offer free consultations, free evaluations. Pick up the phone, give us a call. We’ll certainly listen and tell you exactly what we would do. Then, generally what we do is, depending on the type of case, we charge a retainer. And after that, usually there’s a balance that will have to be paid later. But we generally work with people to try to get that worked out. We take credit cards, debit cards, everything. And, like I said, the first evaluation is free and after that we charge a retainer. We’re always up-front and tell people exactly what it is and what it’s for. And, like I said, our biggest goal is to help, is to help our clients. So, we generally try to work with them and make the retainer and the fee work for their situation.

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