Suppressible Examples in Savannah DUI Case

Question: What are some examples of things that can be suppressed?

Answer: Motions to suppress cover everything. I mean, there is literally so much that can go wrong in a DUI investigation. And what I generally do is start off with a motion to suppress for a lack of probable cause and just say the officer lacked probable cause to make an arrest and therefore everything that he did after that fact—everything like an Intoxilyzer at the station, to statements that someone might have made in the police car—everything like that should be thrown out. And the best thing about that is if that’s dismissed and the court finds that there’s a lack of probable cause to make the arrest, then everything he did before that is pretty much a moot point as well, that’s pretty much gone as well because the court has already ruled that that’s not enough for an arrest. No way the prosecution’s going to try that.

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