Where to Begin After Savannah Drunk Driving Charge

Question: Where do you begin when you receive a Georgia drunk driving charge?

Answer: The first thing I like to do is contact the officer and see what I can get him to informally tell me. A lot of times I can talk to him and get, and trick him into telling me things that he shouldn’t. And that’s something that we can do from the very start, and that’s invaluable; that’s something that can certainly help us every step of the way. After that, the first thing I do is get the police reports, take a look at it and see if there are any preliminary issues. And a lot of times we get there early enough, we can get it thrown out at a preliminary hearing. We have that happen all the time. And the key to that is just to get on it early. And then obviously once we get the reports, I like to get my client and I back together again and determine our strategy and figure out the best way to beat it.

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