Savannah, Georgia Jury Selection

Jury Selection: The First Step Towards Beating Your Case

Jury selection is both an art and a science.  When you pick a jury, you are asking 12 ordinary citizens to put aside their daily lives and basically decide your fate.  It is therefore important to have an attorney who is experienced at picking a jury and has had great success with jury trials.

It is crucial to learn as much about potential jurors as you can during jury selection.  For example, you don’t want a juror that has been the victim of a robbery in the past if you are on trial for armed robbery.  Their personal feelings may keep them from listening to the evidence and deciding your case fairly.  Other potential jurors may be more likely to believe a police officer as a witness simply because the person is a police officer.  This is an important bias, and it is imperative to determine who those people are so that they can be stricken from the jury pool.

If you are facing a jury trial, you need an aggressive attorney that knows how to select jurors that will fairly evaluate your case and be on your side.  Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you with your upcoming trial.

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