Savannah, Georgia Plea in Absentia

What is a Plea in Absentia?

A plea in absentia is a great way to resolve a case without you having to come to court. Many times, clients come to us who are not from Savannah. They may be passing through on the way to Florida, or they may be in town for St. Patrick’s Day and all of a sudden, they are facing criminal charges. One of their first questions is “Do I have to come back to Savannah for court?”

We routinely handle cases for our clients by doing a plea in absentia. This involves acknowledging the rights that you have to be present in court and then waiving those rights to allow your attorney to act on your behalf. You attorney can then either argue the case at a preliminary hearing (and seek a dismissal) or enter into a negotiated plea for you. Either way, the case can be resolved without you having to appear in court.

If you are facing charges in the Savannah area and want to resolve them without having to appear in court, give us a call today.

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