Should I Turn Myself In Savannah, GA?

Should I Turn Myself In?

If you are under police investigation, you may wonder if you should turn yourself in once an arrest warrant is issued for you. I always recommend hiring an attorney to explore your options before you do so. A good criminal lawyer can arrange the process with the police, the prosecutor, and the judge so that you can be in and out on the same day. Oftentimes, if an attorney gets started early enough, it may not even be necessary for you to turn yourself in. Your attorney may be able to convince the police that they either do not have enough evidence to seek a warrant or that they should charge you with a lesser crime that does not require you to turn yourself in.

When you are facing a police investigation, you need the best criminal lawyer that you can get. If they get started early enough, they can prevent an investigation from ruining your life. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you.

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