Taking DUI Classes in Georgia

The first thing that many clients ask me after they have been arrested for DUI is, “should I take a DUI class?” These classes are formally known in Georgia as risk reduction classes, and they can focus on alcohol, drugs, or other issues such as anger.

When to Take Risk Reduction Classes

In some cases, it would be a good idea to start taking risk reduction classes as soon as possible after a DUI arrest. That way, by the time the first court date comes up, you can show the prosecutor and the judge that you have been taking positive steps to try and overcome your substance abuse problem. However, I usually only recommend taking substance abuse classes immediately in the worst DUI cases. For example, if someone did a breath test and blew 0.32% or higher (four times over the legal limit), they would absolutely benefit from taking DUI classes before the case gets started. The fact that you have taken DUI classes will not be held against you by the court; in fact, the judge will look on it as a good thing and you will certainly benefit from that.

It is important to note that I usually do not recommend taking DUI classes immediately for most cases. Most DUIs can be successfully attacked on various issues, including whether the officer had probable cause for the stop or whether the officer conducted the field sobriety tests properly. If you took DUI classes right away in these situations, you may have done them for nothing. I always recommend attacking the DUI first and then, as the case proceeds, giving consideration to DUI classes.

More about DUI Classes

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